Why Us?

Our team is here to help you through every step of the process. We provide support from our first contact to successful discharge. We offer multidisciplinary treatment delivered by compassionate physicians, clinicians and addiction specialists. We are dedicated to help you achieve a brighter future.

Seven Arrows treatment model offers a comprehensive array of services. Length of stay is based on each individual’s progress through treatment. Our highly structured model was developed to treat an array of individuals including those in recovery for the first time, along with those who struggle with chronic relapse.  Our team develops individualized treatment plans that take into account co-occurring disorders, behavioral concerns and life goals. Each client is provided with a dedicated counselor for individual therapeutic sessions and creative group therapies.

Receive individualized, client-based and comprehensive care

 Benefit from a low client-to-staff ratio to ensure each individuals' unique needs are met

Find recovery on 160 acres of private land at the base of the Swisshelm Mountains, in the beautiful Sonoran Desert

Experience state-of-the-art clinical necessities with ranch-style luxury and comfort

Nourish your body and mind with chef-inspired creations, that can accommodate specific dietary requirements

Bond with nature- each client is assigned their own horse throughout their treatment!