Substance Abuse

Our specialists form a multidisciplinary team of care experts committed to empowering clients with the tools they need to break free from the cycle of addiction.

Knowledge is Power

Seven Arrows Recovery helps with people struggling with addictions. An addiction to substances can be one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. Often people begin with what feels like a manageable relationship to a substance, but are soon entrapped into a difficult cycle of dependency. Seven Arrows Recovery recognizes how intimidating and impossible the journey to sobriety may seem. We are here to make your journey to recovery as comfortable and successful as possible.

Why Consider Treatment?


Relationships with family, friends and loved ones are often affected, if not cease all together when one is struggling with substance abuse. At Seven Arrows Recovery, we provide you with the tools to recover and heal relationships.


Often substances can affect your of physical wellbeing. It's important to be educated on what your body is experiencing and empowered on how to heal it. At Seven Arrows Recovery, we are able to guide you through physical healing so that you can finally experience your own natural vitality. 


Many substance users can have cognitive impairments. Through the positive health and wellness choices, your true and clear cognition can return and clarity of mind can once again be experienced.


The powerlessness that comes with experiencing addiction can be reversed through guided and individualized treatment. Seven Arrows Recovery provides a tranquil setting at the foot of a remote mountain range. This, coupled with equine therapy and Native American healing traditions help to restore the human spirit in an effective and authentic way.


Substances can affect your brain chemistry significantly, which leads to a cascade of chemical reactions that cause feelings of depression, anxiety, panic and hopelessness. It's important to know that these feelings are not who you are and this does not have to be your reality. Seven Arrows Recovery clinical staff are highly trained in a number of evidence based modalities that will assist you in psychological growth and healing.

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