Mental Health

Our specialists form a multidisciplinary team of care experts committed to empowering clients with the tools they need to break free from the cycle of addiction.

Knowledge is Power

Evidence shows that mental health disorders and substance abuse often co-occur and affect individuals simultaneously. Data suggests that people who suffer with substance abuse issues tend to have high rates of anxiety disorders; depression; bipolar disorder; attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; and other mental health struggles. The good news is that these struggles are treatable when the patient is educated and given the appropriate tools and support.

Comprehensive Approach

Often mental health treatment can be limited through a single approach. At Seven Arrows Recovery, we emphasize a multifaceted treatment ideology that focuses equally on the mind, body and spirit. Oftentimes, significant change cannot be done alone. Our community provides accepting, open minded and constructive support; one day at a time.

Break Free of Inaccurate Stigma

Seven Arrows Recovery works to educate and empower individuals with facts. Mental health struggles are common and they do not define an individual. Seven Arrows Recovery provides clients with the clinical interventions needed to learn how to manage and overcome their struggles.

Finding Center

Everyone experiences highs and lows in their life. It’s important to gain the skills to understand that external events do not have to dictate your internal stability. Seven Arrows Recovery will show you how to find balance, resilience and strength without the dependance of substances.

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