Trauma Informed Care

What makes us trauma informed?

Seven Arrows Recovery utilizes a combination of body-based interventions from ancient wisdom traditions and traditional psychotherapy methods to address the psychological, spiritual, emotional and physiological needs of each individual, creating a more integrative, effective, and holistic approach to healing. We offer a Salutogenic approach focusing on all aspects of the individual instead of treating only the symptoms. 

Our facilitators have received trauma informed training and many are certified trauma professionals or support staff. 

Ongoing trauma informed training for staff is provided by our clinical director. We adhere to a trauma informed mindset, integrate trauma informed principles and offer a trauma informed method in all aspects of our agency. 

Trauma Informed Mindset:

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we realize the widespread impact of trauma, adversity and toxic stress. We understand that trauma increases the potential for addictive behaviors and we deliver paths for recovery by helping individuals heal the core root of their suffering.

We recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, and staff. 

We respond by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into our policies, procedures, practices, and curriculum thus seeking to actively resist re-traumatization.

We utilize a Salutogenic approach and see challenging behaviors as a way to adapt or mitigate to lessen pain/discomfort 

We encourage self-empowerment and ask “what happened to you?” instead of “what’s wrong with you?” 

We validate the humanity of the individual and seek to assist clients in activating their own inner healing wisdom. 

Trauma Informed Principles

Safety, trust, transparency, peer support/mutual self-help, focus on competency and capacity building, collaboration, attunement, respect, choice, inclusivity, integration, resiliency, and hope. The Seven Arrows team believes that it is of the utmost importance to live these principles in our own lives and commit to ongoing healing before we can assist others in their journey. 

Trauma Informed Method

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we are nervous system informed. Recent developments in neuroscience, somatic psychology and trauma research are opening the door for an exciting synthesis of ancient wisdom traditions and Western approaches to healing. We are experiencing a historical shift from the traditional cognitive (top down) approach to therapy to an approach more heavily focused on body awareness, sensations, and regulation (bottom up). Traditional cognitive approaches often prove ineffective due to a client feeling unsafe, being disembodied, hypersensitive or dissociated. Bottom-up approaches allow clients to begin the therapeutic process with a focus on psychoeducation, awareness and self-regulation, allowing for a greater capacity to heal.  

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